Imagine an awesome hassle-free corporate environment that you enjoy going to work at every morning, you enjoy the work you do and your good at it, you enjoy your co-workers and the support that they give you, the collaborate effort on projects, you enjoy the water cooler talk, grabbing lunch and the friendships that you make,

even the silly parties they throw, and you enjoy the feeling of belonging to something bigger…..

Now remove the corporation and imagine your business here.

The HIVE44 is an UN-office environment;

It is not your ordinary office environment or shared office space.

We provide everything you need to run a successful and profitable business for one monthly membership fee. No lease or deposits. We provide the corporate structure, your office equipment, internet, address, the meeting and conference rooms, and much more.

Best of all the HIVE44 promotes your company, The HIVE44 supports you and your business like a corporations support their employees giving you all the help you need to succeed, however, unlike a corporation you work independently for yourself, not by yourself

To learn more about the HIVE44 Business Coworking Center, contact Cheryl 636-405-3130