The HIVE44, is currently putting together an outside preferred partners list for HIVE 44 members, to add value to their membership, and to build relationships with other small businesses, like yourself. I would like to talk with you about being included on that list since we currently do not have a business like yours in the HIVE44 or as a preferred partner.

We are requiring Preferred Partner give a preferred discount to The HIVE44 members for their products or services, allowing you to build relationships with the members. The Preferred Partners list will be distributed to the members and new members. Plus …..

As a preferred partner:

  • Your business cards and marketing materials will be accessible in lobby.
  • You will be Listed & Linked on our website as The HIVE44 Preferred Vendor.
  • Your Logo will be listed as sponsor of our Meetup Group.
  • You will also receive referrals from the members of The HIVE44.
  • You or your representative will be invited to attend the private invitation only and member only functions hosted by The HIVE44.
  • Other benefits yet to be discovered.

If you would like to build a partnership based upon collaboration, fill out the application below to get started.


Preferred Partner Application


Organization Name*







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How long has the organization been established?

Is this a non-profit organization?

What is your current client base?* (Click all that apply)

What is your target market?*

What is your coverage area?*

What industry do you receive the most referrals from?*

What type of discounts would you be offering to our members?*

Upon acceptance, do we have your permission to post your logo on our website/meetup?*

What is the average cost of your product or service?*

What are your hours operation?

We have a passion for helping businesses succeed. How can we help you and your company succeed? What can we do for you?

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