Cheryl Jaycox-Thehive44 Coworking,stlouisCheryl Jaycox, CEO/Co-founder of TheHIVE44 spent most of her adult life being a working single mom and a business owner. She  has  a  diverse  background , with expertise in advertising, marketing, public relations and photography. After numerous years in the corporate business industry, she knew in her heart that she was finished with the rules of corporate America, and what  she really wanted was to own a business of her own, be involved with small business and the people who owned them, AND have lots of fun doing it.

Don Jaycox, Co-founder and Director of Operations at TheHive44, has many talents and a successful past as a business owner in the packaging industry, and commercial real estate development.

When he and Cheryl met, he owned Polaris Industries – which was housed in a 5000 square foot warehouse. He had a executive office in the front, and lots of unused space in the back!

In 2009, Cheryl began to notice a trend. The economy was in serious trouble. People were losing their jobs and looking for other alternatives to working for a big corporation. An increase in people starting their own businesses was on the rise, however, banks was not giving out small business loans and the cost to open a private office had become outrages for a startup. During their engagement period, Cheryl visited Don’s warehouse and her mental wheels started turning. She decided that 5000 square feet was too much space for one person. ‘There could be 4 or 5 people here making a living,’ she thought.

Cheryl, having lived on the West Coast, and friends on the East coast she had been introduced to the idea of coworking. This concept has been widely used and very successful on the East and West Coasts, but had not really had an impact on the Midwest.

What if she could provide a place for budding business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to conduct business, but in a professional setting, AND at a low cost?

Offering networking opportunities, business education, key speakers, seminars and workshops all to help small businesses get the jump start they needed to compete with the larger companies and keep their overhead low.

After Cheryl and Don got married in 2011, they went to work building TheHive44 Business coworking Community.