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  • What type of services to you offer Smart Business?

We offer Coworking space, Dedicated Desk and Work Stations, Private offices, training and meeting space, virtual office services, as well as storage all under one roof. Offering business owners a place to meet and learn new techniques for their business though our business development classes, workshops and business social events.

  • Where are you located?

Located in Fenton @1710 Fenpark Dr., Conveniently located in Fenton Industrial Park at 44 & 270

  • How do you help small business to grow?

We are committed to the ongoing development and growth of small and medium size enterprises in the St. Louis area. Establishing ourselves as a Business HUB dedicated to Collaboration, Connections, Community and Commerce.

What do you do at HIVE44 that helps smart businesses grow?
We are a Coworking space, which is a new business industry that at long last has been recognized by the State of Missouri not just for something you do as a verb but as a noun, a place, an industry. HIVE44 was featured for its coworking space by the Missouri Business Monthly Magazine, published by the Missouri Chambers of Commerce in July 2013.

A coworking space is a dedicated open shared environment work place, which a number of major Fortune 500 companies have converted their work area to due to the increase in productivity levels of their employees. HIVE44 Business Center offers all the amenities a business office needs from coffee to high speed internet access. Individuals, partners or teams can come to HIVE44, making themselves comfortable at a table, plug in their laptop, and have use of the printer, scanner, or copier. Use of the meeting rooms, the kitchen and lounge. The flexibility of being a coworking member of HIVE44 is a great advantage to have a place that is there to support you and your company.

Being a member of a coworking space is not unlike belonging to a networking group in some ways, or an exclusive business club, where developing business relationships and trust in order to work together or to refer each other is encouraged.
A coworking space takes networking meeting marketing forward to a whole new level, instead of just meeting once a week or month with a group of individual business owners, freelancers, industry reps, etc., a coworking space such as the HIVE44 allows those same people the opportunity to work together some days or every day, side by side, yet independently on their own business. Developing a deeper connection, open to collaboration, building a community of like-minded business together and increasing commerce within the local community. It allows them to meet new and interesting people who are visiting other members when you work from a coworking space like the HIVE44,

What type of Events are held at HIVE44?
One of the other ways that the HIVE44 benefits the small to medium enterprise is…
Global Coworking Week- WordPress Workshop – VIP

  • What types of businesses does the HIVE44 most benefit?
    That is the GREAT thing about the HIVE44; we can benefit any type of small to medium enterprise, from soloentrepreneurs to corporate satellite offices, at any stage of business from startup, through growing pains to established companies. Because we are so versatile we are able to offer memberships to fit the needs of the company and the enterprise. We are perfect for the businesses that have employees working or coming to their home, those who want to lower their current overhead, and those that need to get away from the isolation and distractions of the home office.
  • Are their certain types of business that you are currently looking for to join the HIVE44 Business Center?
  • How much is a membership?
    We have daily, part time and full time coworking memberships. Daily use of the space is $10.00 per day. Part time gives you 8 days for $75.00. Full time membership gives you 24/6 access and a business address for $150.00
  • What is the difference between an incubator and coworking?
  • Why did you begin a coworking business center?