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Our 2,000 sq. ft. of top notch space is a perfect event venue for any business or personal occasion.The flexibility in event space will allow for a productive and memorable experience. We are conveniently located near Hwy 270/44. Complimentary parking is available in our large lot that you and your guests will find accessibility convenient.

Service and Sophistication meet Affordability and Accommodation at The HIVE44 Event Center in St. Louis. Our staff will be glad to assist you in planning your event including catering services.

Benefits of Having a HIVE 44 Event Center Bartender at your Event

When serving alcohol or refreshments at your event it can become time consuming and overwhelming. A bartender at your event will take the hassle of maintaining the re-stocking, icing, menu planning and the many other aspects of serving your guests.

The HIVE44 Event Center bartender allows you, the host or any friend or family that may consider volunteering to bartend for you, to be part of the party, to mingle with guests so all can enjoy the event. We assure you the bar will run smoothly for your entire event.

Hiring a HIVE 44 Event Center bartender will lead to a very impressive experience for your guest. Enjoying the extra luxury and professionalism of our bartender, that will bring energy and personality to your event. Our bartender is trained with 10 years of experience, so that every guest gets the cocktail they want.

The HIVE44 Event Center bartender will spot those whose intoxication levels are getting to high, so as to slow or stop serving them as discreetly as possible and to inform the host. This keeps possible conflicts and embarrassment away. A bartender also enforces the restriction of alcohol severed to minors.

The greatest and most important thing about a HIVE44 Event Center bartender is they are affordable!  Actually saving you money on your alcohol, refreshments, and reducing your waste. A guest is more likely to finish their drink before returning to the bartender verses the guests having a tendency to leave half full cans and unfinished glasses on the table because they can just “grab” another. A HIVE 44 Event Center bartender can help you determine the type and amount of alcohol you will need, make sure that the mixers, ice, cups, and garnishes are available and used properly.

Benefits of HIVE 44 Event Center Serving Staff

A HIVE44 Event Center serving staff will help set up and maintains your buffet throughout the dinner. Our serving staff will make sure guests are properly attended to as soon as they arrive. Directing guests where they can be seated as well as informing them of other basic amenities. Our staff will dismiss each table to the buffet to keep line from forming or serve you sit down style. Our serving staff will make sure that plates, cups, and utensils to serve your guest are removed and tables cleared. Our professional serving staff will constantly check on your guests to insure their enjoyment and yours!

Event Venue Reviews

We held our wedding reception here and everything was awesome! Cheryl and her husband were very helpful and prompt. She’s really flexible with helping you to accomplish the look you want and the room is gorgeous even without decorations. I especially love the lightening system. We saved so much money with being able to choose our own caterer and use the speaker system. This was a rare occasion when cheap doesn’t mean poor service. I will certainly use this facility again for future events.

– Michelle Omidiji

My best friend had her wedding there over the weekend and the Hive 44 was amazing from the start. Erica was very attentive and went out of her way to make everything happen and was there every step of the way. I would highly recommend Hive 44 to anyone wanting to plan anything. Thank you for the very fun, relaxing and memorable evening!

– Valarie Sewell

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