The HIVE44 Business Coworking Community


The HIVE44 Coworking Business Center is a collaborative work space and meeting space designed for business professionals.The environment at The HIVE44 is fresh and energetic; you will be around other creative individuals who are leading industry experts.

about usThe HIVE44 provides the physical infrastructure so entrepreneurs and new startups will not have to worry about the high cost associated in having an office.

The HIVE44 is looking to build a creative community that enhances the collaborative spirit and together new startups can grow and expand by leveraging each other’s core strength.

We provide everything you need to run a successful and profitable business for one monthly membership fee. No lease or deposits. We provide the corporate structure, your office equipment, internet, address, the meeting and conference rooms, and much more.

Best of all the HIVE44 promotes your company, The HIVE44 supports you and your business like a corporations support their employees giving you all the help you need to succeed, however, unlike a corporation you “work independently for yourself, not by yourself!”